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Corania, a story of youth, since 1934 !

It all began in Marseille, in the heart of Provence! In 1934, Fernand Cohen was 21 years old and what we call a “nose”, able to identify thousands of fragrances and use talent and creativity to combine essences.

Fernand Cohen was also a born entrepreneur and founded the company Parfums CORANIA based on a clear vision: to shake up codes in order to be different.
His first innovations and successes were “alcohol-free” perfumes!
Fernand Cohen went on to invent fragrances that went against the tide throughout his career.

His sons Jean-Luc and Bernard will cultivate this heritage for more than 50 years, passing it on to the 3rd generation, Laurent, today at the head of Corania.

La Société image équipe

This passion is rooted in our DNA and has been driving us to re-invent ourselves at every key moment of our existence, for over 80 years, to give everybody quality and original cosmetic products made in France.


Create a fragrance

c’est avoir du Nez !

We are creators, we invent unique fragrances which tell stories, stir emotions and reveal personalities…
Our perfumes are resolutely contemporary and meet the demands and trends of today’s generations.

Corania, trendy perfumes that we can all identify with.

Our ambitions :

Make our customers
brand ambassadors

Maintaining constant quality in our manunfacturing, combined with attractive price levels, is our best loyalty strategy.

Creativity at the service of our growth

Innovation is our recruitment tool !
This strategy allows us to conquer new customer segments and to remain a modern brand, which can re-invent itself.

Restore charm to the perfumery universe

We stir emotions among our customers each time they experience our products like the pleasure of discovering a new scent, touching quality packaging, a relating to design we like, in a pleasant sales environment.

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